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Recently, a friend of mine, Stephen at has been talking about a subject that is near and dear to my heart: contentment. He’s recently taken Leo Babauta’s “Little Book of Contentment” and recorded the entire book into a podcast available on iTunes here.

So, why contentment? First, to summarize Leo’s book, his theory is that we are all at some time or another discontent with some aspect of our lives, which leads to the feeling of dissatisfied with life, and that we need to realize just how awesome life truly is and find inner contentment to truly be happy.

I think he hits the nail right on the head.

I’ve known so many physicians who are so dissatisfied with life. They are disillusioned and the milk of compassion has soured in their veins. They try to fill the void with more money, more things, a new car, a new wife (or husband), or become lost in their work. But, they’re never truly happy!

I myself sometimes fall into the trap of discontentment. However, I seem to keep having major life events that help me realize just how fortunate I am and how awesome life is.

So, I’m going to post my personal thoughts on how this book relates to physicians here every few days over the next week or two. I’ll post a chapter each day from Stephen’s website (there’s the text version and podcast version on his site, broken down by chapters, as well as the whole book in podcast form). If you want the whole book in advance, its available here for free, in case you want to read ahead.

Here’s the link for the PDF (Free): Zenhabits

Here’s the link if you want it on Kindle ($0.99):

Come along, then, and join me as we figure out how to be content with who we are, what we have, and learn to truly enjoy life.

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